Summary of the story ” A Horse and Two Goats”

The story ” A Horse and Two Goats” written by R.K. Narayan was published in the “New Yorker” in 1965 and is about the meeting of two men in India who don´t speak a word of eatch others language.

The man Muni lives with his family in a village called Kritam. They live in poor circumstances. Before most of his cattle died because of pestilence he had about fourty sheep and goats. Now Muni is an old man and there are just two goats left. Every morning the takes the goats to a place to graze. On his way he passes a clay statue of a horse every day without thinking about it. On morning he leaves his home with the goats and rests at the statue when a car runs out of gas in front of him. It´s an American on holidays in India. When he sees the statue he tryes to buy it because he thinks that Muni is trying to sell it. The American only speaks English and Muni speaks in his language Tamil. They are trying to communicate but but don´t understand a word of what the other is trying to say. When the American starts showing his money while petting the goats Muni thinks the man wants to buy his goats, takes 100 rupees happily and leaves.



  1. 1
    jrgüoeh Says:

    Bad language…

  2. 2
    agrim Says:

    kya mast story hai

  3. 3
    Logan Says:

    There are some mis types and gramatical mis-takes. I’m astudent and had found these mistakes while working out my project!!!!!

  4. 4
    zalera Says:

    as bad as ur grammer =.=

  5. 5
    saad habib Says:

    Thanks i really wanted smtng nd i’ll copy this down aswell.

  6. 6

    there is mistake in line 7

  7. 7
    Hafsa Ahmad Says:

    Nice storyD)

  8. 8
    Hafsa Ahmad Says:

    I liked the part of Munni.

  9. 9
    Aamna Says:

    Discription of the american?

  10. 10
    Arnav Singh RAizada Says:

    Post something else regarding the same topic on my email:

  11. 11
    Mohammad Butt Says:

    Poor Summary with spelling errors

  12. 12
    fatima Says:

    a good summary. its really helpful.Thanks

  13. 14
    Zapat Says:


  14. 15

    ending is not proper

  15. 16
    rose choto Says:

    is it 120 or 100 rupees?

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